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04 February 2009 @ 05:06 pm
Angus the camera whore  
I've been doing a lot of picspams recently, and i realised that i had quite a few Angus pics kicking around. So, to get you started, heres one i rather like...

I love Angus when he plays Mike Channel.

The beard i don't love as much though...

The beard also crops up here, in "Fat Slags"

..and in the hee bee gee bees

or in nighty night

I want this book. Purely for the photographs.

Yay for KYTV!

and Angus in a tux is always good

or a toga for that matter

even when he's aged a bit

Heres Angus being ironic

TASH!Angus (He'd make a great detective dont yout think?)


Such a little poser

I want this book for the lolz

Suit + Angus + Bath

Look@him trying to be funny

You have no idea, how much i want this magazine. And how much i want to see the full cover!

And here is Angus being the lovely man that he is, and donating something to a charity auction to help people sufferning from various illnesses. Click but seriously.. angus... red diamond studded heart cufflinks. Can you be anymore gay?

Thats about all i can offer in the Angus department.
Hope it made you chuckle, and i apologise for the smallness of the images!
through the smoke rings of my mind: angus deayton 2tambourine_lady on February 7th, 2009 02:47 pm (UTC)
Yay for Angus!porn. :) I love the first pic, just look at those lovely arms. And the thought of Angus in the bath...I think I may need a moment. ;)

Lovely pics, dear.