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The Angus Deayton Appreciation Community


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The Ultimate Angus Deayton Experience...allegedly

Welcome to the one and only Angus Deayton Livejournal community. If you happen to think that Mr. Deayton is a bit of a sexy beast, or you just enjoy watching him, or even think he's mildly amusing with his dry witty banter, then feel free to join in the fun of spamming, squeeing, icons, things of a slashy-nature and just all round fan-girl stuff! This is an open community so feel free to join and post but please try and introduce yourself first.

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Feel free to post fan fiction featuring Angus. Drabbles, ficlets, or even full blown novels are absolutely fine and encouraged, but please put warnings on your fics as some members may not like him in that way.
Please post up Angus icons. The more the merrier.
Yay for picspams
Squeefull outbursts are allowed.
Requests and questions also fine.

No Angus bashing of any sort. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion. No Angus-hate. If you don't like Angus then get away from this community as everybody in the below friends list loves Angus and hate filled posts will be deleted.

If you have any questions or requests please contact the mods
fantasy_bubbles & madeluxx

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